BTON Financial

Outsourced Dealing Desk

Smart Broker Router

Automate / Measure / Optimize


Rethink your trading desk

BTON Financial is the only outsourced dealing desk designed to help buy-side firms radically rethink their trading infrastructure by driving greater performance and quality of execution in an increasingly complex trading environment and evolving market structure.

Built with small and mid-tier asset managers in mind, BTON Financial helps buy-side firms implement trading strategies effectively and ensure that investment intentions are not undermined by poor execution quality as a result of inadequate legacy technology.

With BTON Financial, smaller asset managers are able to focus on identifying alpha generating trading opportunities and maintaining a competitive edge, removing operational complexities of managing multiple vendor and partner relationships and the underlying trading and connectivity infrastructure.

A broker neutral ‘smart broker router’, BTON Financial manages existing broker relationships as well as offering asset managers the ability to connect to our ever-increasing network of brokers to improve access to liquidity and reduce brokerage rates.

BTON Financial being Independent means we can be trusted to make the right choice in execution destination for your firm.

Delivered as a SaaS subscription fee, BTON Financial’s outsourced dealing desk is easy to integrate into existing technology infrastructures.


Broker Neutral Smart Broker Router

› Outsourced Dealing Desk for Asset Managers

› Automation of Flow

› Best Execution

› Subscription Pricing

› Independent

Asset managers that can

› Take advantage of data only available since MiFID II

› Automate their trading

› Be nimble enough to access the new liquidity sources appearing

› Utilise new technology

› Reduce costs

› Increase their trading performance

› Have enough scale to reduce brokerage rates

› Have enough scale to access better prices to trade against

› Have enough scale to even be able to maintain customer status with banks

Will be more successful than their peers who can’t.