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Outsourced Dealing Desk for Asset Managers

Smart Broker Router


Shortlisted for the best specialist trading technology consultancy in the 2019 TradingTech awards.


Trade Smart / Automate / Embrace Technology / Streamline Operations / Disrupt

Robust Trading Technology / Economies of Scale / Best Execution / Higher Profit Margins

01. Independent

We will take on management of your existing broker relationships acting as an agent on your behalf. Our brokerage arm won’t benefit from your flow, because we don’t have one.

02. Confidential

By automating your flow as much as possible, we will reduce information leakage. This in turn makes the audit trail of each and every order extremely clear.

03. Relationships

Relationships are not our selling point. Best execution is our mandate. Quantitative analysis of best price doesn’t rely on emotional attachment. Post MiFID II, relationships have moved up in the chain of ownership.

04. Subscription pricing

In essence we maintain your current pricing model - but significantly lower. A fixed cost for the trading desk with a fee charged by bank/broker relative to how much you trade. This leaves us free to pass on your orders without any pressure to increase your trading volumes.


“The future of trading is without question, tech and data driven.”

Daniel Shepherd  |  Co-Founder


Why Now?

MiFID II has 1.5 million paragraphs of new regulation

Trading across all asset classes, will be more electronic a year from now. There is no doubt.

Asset managers that are able to

  • take advantage of data only available since MiFID II

  • automate their trading

  • be nimble enough to access the new liquidity sources appearing

  • utilise new technology such as artificial intelligence

  • reduce costs

  • increase their trading performance

  • have enough scale to reduce brokerage rates

  • have enough scale to access better prices to trade against

  • have enough scale to even be able to maintain customer status with banks

will be more successful than their peers who can't.

It is becoming very clear that this regulation means smaller asset managers must evolve to compete with their larger peers. Being able to automate and maximise electronic trading ability is now crucial as MiFID II heralds a change in the way financial instruments are traded.

The future of the dealing desk is now